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From Infants to School-Age Children, We Care for Them All

Set your children up for success with Johnson’s Day Care & Cradle Care! Serving families throughout Muscle Shoals, AL, Colbert County, and more, teaching and nurturing your child’s creativity is our goal. With small classrooms and dedicated staff, your kids receive personalized attention and encouragement. Our daycare takes care of three-week-old infants to twelve-year-old children.

Johnson’s Day Care & Cradle Care in Muscle Shoals, AL
Johnson’s Day Care & Cradle Care in Muscle Shoals, AL

A Nurturing Environment to Learn & Grow

Johnson’s Day Care & Cradle Care considers the individual developmental needs of each child and which classroom will suit them best. Our philosophy is that for a child to develop a positive self-image and appropriate social skills, they need to be grouped with peers whose developmental age is similar to their own.

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Johnson’s Day Care & Cradle Care in Muscle Shoals, AL

Our Philosophy

We are based on the belief that children of all abilities benefit from an inclusive environment, emphasizing acceptance of individual differences and ability levels. Inclusion allows all children to relate and interact with peers in play and daily routines, engaging in experiences that promote independence skills, self-control, and an understanding that others have different backgrounds and perspectives other than themselves.

For children with special needs, inclusion facilitates developmental progress by exposure to role modeling of social, language, and physical skills through interactions with typically developing peers. We also believe that the typically developing children gain solid interpersonal skills, including self-confidence, acceptance, empathy, and communication.

Why Choose Us?

Small Classroom Sizes

Small Classroom Sizes

Talented & Dedicated Staff
Talented & Dedicated Staff
Over 40 Years of Experience
Over 40 Years of Experience
After-School Transportation to Our Center
After-School Transportation to Our Center

Parent Reviews

“My children have been coming to your daycare for several years. Having foster children who sometimes have behaviors, finding a daycare willing to go the extra mile for my kids was challenging. Over 23 kids have felt welcome at Johnson’s Day Care & Cradle Care. Many of my kids have exhibited undesired behavior, but you and your staff handle them with love and understanding. As I leave my children, I feel confident they will be loved and safe each day. mile” to my kids.”
Teresa S.
“All of my three children attended Johnson’s Day Care & Cradle Care. The decision to move our children from their babysitter to daycare was a tough one to make. That decision was made so much easier after seeing the teachers with our children! It was obvious they were loved and cared for. Sheila, thank you and your staff for caring for my children and helping us raise them into the wonderful people they are today!”
Dwight & Shea P.
“All three of our children attended Johnson’s Day Care & Cradle Care. They were part of the first pre-kindergarten classes offered by certified teachers at the center. I do no doubt that the early learning opportunity was vital to their success in being ready to go into kindergarten and beyond. I have never worried about leaving my children because we knew they would be well fed and cared for while there. They made lifelong friendships as many of their classmates also learned at Johnson’s.”
Stormy P.
“I cannot say enough about our experience at Johnson’s Day Care & Cradle Care! This momma (and her baby) had major separation anxiety starting in Pre-K. Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Kelly made sure we were fine. They never got upset if I called once or 100 times and loved my child as their own!”
Felicia & Lexie T.
Johnsons Day Care & Cradle Care

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